Naked + Barefoot Philosophy

"Dear Wild Women,

Those who do not not understand you are just not yet free themselves. You were not born to be tamed or to please others. Set your soul on fire, show them what freedom looks like. Wild Women Be Free."


This is one of my favorite quotes. It also sums up exactly how I want each of you to feel after our session. As an Arizona boudoir photographer in Sedona, I focus solely on outdoor boudoir. Endlessly inspiring, being outdoors can free us from stress, our insecurities and the pressures of daily life. Getting out into nature lets you leave all that behind and reminds you to LIVE!

- Antonia Behrman

Style + Posing


Maternity Boudoir

What does it mean to be liberated?

Feeling free of hang-ups and self-doubt, letting go of what society – or even your loved one – wants you to be and truly expressing yourself. This is what my sessions are all about. Nature, freedom and identity. My brand of outdoor boudoir photography in Arizona has nothing to do with trying to look and feel sexy for someone else. It’s simply about you and you alone. You are beautiful! And I believe it’s important to capture that beauty, in all its natural glory.

How do the outdoors make you feel?


For Women in the Wild!

"Some people say that the wild in us is just as in danger as these wild landscapes, and sometimes, I'm afraid that might be true. So I'll keep coming back here, where it's quiet enough to hear my heart, what I'm really longing for, where this wild thing inside me remembers how to be just that, wild."

- Hilary Oliver (Being Here)

Being in nature frees me. It inspires and clears my mind, so that I can truly express myself and feel happy with who I am and will become. If this resonates with you – or if you haven't felt like that yet but you want to – get in touch and we’ll start planning your barefoot adventure!

Come as you are! Come however you feel the most comfortable! Let your hair down! Let it get tangled! Take your shoes off and feel the dirt under your feet!

Let's jump in the truck and roll the windows down!

Let's get naked and barefoot!