How to Plan a Proposal

November 15, 2021

It’s that time of year! Thanksgiving through Valentine’s day is the most popular time of year to get proposed to! Here are five things to think about for how to plan a proposal! Save this page for reference later or send it to you BFF to forward to your lover 😉


1. How to plan a proposal when you want to include your family and friends

First, Including your family and friends in your proposal can be helpful and even more memorable. Family and friends could help with planning so that your significant other is less expecting and is more surprised. An example of this would be having a friend or family member invite you both to a “nice dinner” to celebrate something random or even just a group date night out. Another option would be having her think that the day is planned for just the two of you and your family and friends can be hiding until she says “yes”, and then come out to celebrate with you both! If you have family and friends that you’d like to include but aren’t able to make the trip, you can always have them put together a video for her to watch!

Here’s a video example of that: (planned by The Yes Girls)

Cam & Beck Videos is now Cam & Beck Off-Road Elopements

2. How to plan a proposal for just the two of you

Some couples want to keep this moment between the two of them. Maybe you don’t want to have to think about family and friends at that moment and you want her and only her to hear the words you have to say. Plan something special for just the two of you and then surprise friends and family later!

Here’s an example of a proposal with no other family and friends:

Cam & Beck Videos is now Cam & Beck Off-Road Elopements

3. Outfits to wear for your proposal

If your girl is pretty particular about her appearance, you’re gonna wanna make sure you have something planned where she will be dressed up. When pictures get taken, most likely she’s going to want to feel comfortable and confident in how she looks. Especially the nails! Everyone will be looking at her hand and she’ll probably want her nails to look good!

4. Do you want to have a set up for your proposal?

How simple or extravagant would you like your proposal to be? What are good proposal set up ideas? It can be as simple as literally just the two of you, or it could be a whole picnic set up with flowers, champagne, or cider, and printed out photos of the two of you! If you need help with set up, this is where family and friends come in! Ask for their help ahead of time. If you don’t want family and friends involved yet, you can hire event planners that specialize in proposals or mini decor setups! Here’s a list of some of our favorites:

5. Proposal Location

It’s a good idea to pick a location that either is sentimental to you both already, or a location that you both would enjoy coming back to together to reminisce on this day. If you have family and friends who need to be hiding, you need to make sure there is space for them to not be seen. If you plan on using decor and flowers, you will need to make sure you are allowed to have a set up. Certain locations, like Sedona or National Parks, do not allow these types of setups. It is important to do your research before you put in all this planning just to be told no when you get there. 

In this video example below, Chine chose to propose to Alexandra by having a set up with family at the place that they first met, UC Irvine! (planned by The Yes Girls)

Cam & Beck Videos is now Cam & Beck Off-Road Elopements

6. BONUS – Should you hire a photographer and videographer to document your proposal?

Most importantly, you need to decide if you’d like a professional there to document for you. Family and friends could take photos and videos for you however, regular cell phone photos and videos don’t look as great unless they are within 5-10 feet of you. If you’re trying to be discreet, this may be a problem. If you have a speech prepared, cell phones may not be able to pick up audio of your speech.

Hiring a professional videographer will help you keep this moment forever! We will mic you so when your bride wants to remember what you said, relive that look of surprise on her face, and feel that joy all over again, all she has to do is press play! If you have a professional photographer there, we can take photos of this moment and even take newly engaged photos so she can post great quality images to her instagram!

Getting engaged is a big deal. You’re saying to this person that I have chosen you and I don’t want to live my life without you! This is also a very vulnerable moment for BOTH of you! Making sure to have a plan and documentation of this big step is so important! Take home an experience, not just photos, for your engagement session! Now let’s plan your adventure proposal!

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