We live in the here and now, because no one’s going to be around forever. This is why I truly believe that the most important thing you’ll take from your wedding day is your video – yes, even more important than your pictures! Being able to hear the love in each other's voices as you read your vows 10, 20, 50 years from now is the best gift you could give to your future selves.

Films for couples who want to remember & feel


Couples Who Understand The Unparalleled Sentimental Value Of Video.

We work with couples who, like us, believe that video is the most important part of documenting their wedding day. Seeing the teardrops fall and hearing your voices quiver because you're so full of love and emotion are just two reasons why video is the right choice. Before you jump on a call with us, write down the most important moments that you feel need to be captured and we’ll make sure you never forget them!



Don’t worry, we're not here to turn your wedding day into a Lifetime movie. As Sedona elopement videographers, our aim is to capture your day exactly how it happened. We want you to remember how you held each other and swayed back and forth, how your eyes filled with tears, the way you looked at each other and recognized the pure joy on each other's faces as you said ‘I do’.

Multi-Day Elopement

For couples who want more than one day of adventure! Let's hit the Moab off-road trails, camp out over night at your ceremony spot, and be totally blown away by the majestic landscapes!


If you can't imagine your wedding day without your closest friends and family, a micro-wedding is for you! It's way less stress and still just as memorable!

Full-Day Elopement

This is for the couples who wanna go to multiple locations in a single day. The benefit of full day elopements is that you don't have to stress about being rushed. You're traveling this far so enjoy the views!

Multi-Day Micro Wedding

Inviting your closest friends and family sometimes means you won't have time to visit the beautiful spots you hoped you would on your wedding day. Spend the next day getting all your dream pictures without having to worry about being away from family!

Getting Married During a Pandemic

Choosing an Elopement Adventure

For many couples, planning a wedding during Covid has been anything but easy. Take Kamaile + Ashley for instance…they planned their wedding one two three different times! First up, Covid wrecked their plans. Next, they aimed to elope to Tucson instead but then wildfires hit that area. Proving that third time’s always a charm, they moved their location to Sedona and finally got to experience the humbling beauty of promising themselves to one another. Check out their video to see how, in the end, love always wins!

Mary + George’s wedding was scheduled for April 2020, the month after Covid shut everything down. They’d been waiting 18 MONTHS to get into their dream venue because of how busy the place is. You can imagine how devastated they were when Covid changed everything. They felt that being married to each other was ultimately the most important thing, so they decided to elope and reschedule their wedding celebration to a time when friends and family could celebrate with them. Watch their video and see the beautifully emotional Zoom call they had with their family after the ceremony!