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How to Choose Your Elopement Hiking Boots

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What Hiking Boots Should I Wear For My Adventure Elopement?

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If you’re planning an adventure elopement, you’re gonna want some hiking boots! Here’s a list of my favorite, photogenic, boots! Not all are suitable for long hiking. Continue below for tips on how to choose your hiking boot!

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go barefoot for your elopement

Choose Comfort


First, when it comes to choosing your elopement hiking boot, it all depends on how long and how tough of a hike you do because you’re gonna wanna be comfortable. Choosing a high top boot will help you not roll your ankle. Always remember to break in your shoes! You should walk in them for at least 5-10 miles to ensure top comfortability. Of course if you’re not doing much of a hike then you’re good!

Choose Style


Next, your shoes WILL be photographed! Make sure you are happy with how you look in them and how they look with your wedding attire. Make sure they also speak to who you are! If you wear vans or converse on the regular, take a look at those new all weather shoes (above) that they just came out with! If you’re all about the sparkle, choose those beautiful rhinestone boots (above) by Steve Madden! Keep in mind the terrain. Even though you wanna look good, you still want to be safe. Make sure you are 100% you on your wedding day! Don’t settle on something that you don’t love. No one said you HAVE to wear strappy heels on your wedding day. And if strappy heels are what you want, then bring multiple pairs of shoes, one for the hike, and one for the ceremony!

Choose Durability


Again, depending on the type of hike you do and the type of terrain, you’re gonna want something with enough tread so you don’t slip. Tread will help with grip for climbing rocks, inclines and declines, and will also help your feet not be sore after your shoot. If you will be in the snow, mud, or rain, you’ll also want to consider all weather type shoes. Another option would be to purchase some water repellent spray for boots. Be sure to talk to your photographer about what the weather will be like. Some terrains, depending on certain times of the year, will require close toed shoes while other terrains you may be able to get away with wearing outdoor sandals like Chacos or Tevas! You don’t want to show up unprepared!

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Opt to go barefoot.

So you have your elopement hiking boots, you've hiked, you've reached your destination, now go barefoot!

There's just something different about taking your shoes off and feeling the ground, the dirt, the grass under your feet. You start to feel more one with the earth. Have you ever even hiked a trail barefoot? When was the last time you walked around outside barefoot? Get out of your head, practice at home, and on your wedding day, take those shoes off!

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