About Cam + Beck

PHX / Arizona

I believe that my purpose in life is to explore this big beautiful planet and document all the wonderful things I find.

I love being alive – and I don’t mean just living by breathing, but really LIVING. Get scared. Get inspired. Be amazed. Be bold. Witness beautiful things. Climb mountains. Get dirty. Swim in the ocean and get your whole head wet!

There’s no better way to become passionate about life than to be outside and roaming free, away from the rest of the world with the person you love most by your side. I’m proud to be a Sedona couples photographer. I do this because I love it - not everyone gets to say that about their work.

I want to help open your eyes to the great adventures that await you in the wide, wild world.



You can call me Beck, Becka or Rebecca :) I’m the one you’ll be chatting with 100% of the time in the lead-up to your day. I’ll also be the main shooter and editor. The key thing you have to know about me (and you might’ve guessed it already)...I LOVE being outdoors! I find it so peaceful and grounding. The wind running through your hair, the sun kissing your skin, the unmistakable sound of silence – I can’t imagine my life without these things. This is why we encourage every couple to consider going outdoors and trying one of our off-road elopements in Arizona. So many of the places we’ll take you to are simply unreal!

When we’re not out exploring with our couples, you’ll find us exploring with our pups. We spoil them every chance we get!

Our Motto: We work hard so our pups can have the best life! Going to the movies is how we spend our date nights and sitting on the couch binge-watching our shows is our time to relax. The Office, New Girl, Ink Master, The Walking Dead, The Rookie and Grey’s! Just to name a few...

Other favorites include live music, rainbow sherbet ice cream and POPCORN!


Photographer + Videographer, Tech Guy, Logistics

Kona & Kai

This is Cam! He’s awesome at researching new equipment so that we stay up-to-date and continue to provide the best possible service for our couples. Cam heads up logistics and can often be found scouting out awesome new locations. He also hunts out our trails, our routes, camping spots – all that good stuff.

Some of his favorites include trucks, dirt bikes, baseball, working on cars and all things outdoors!

Our beautiful puppies!

Seriously, just look at those faces! Kona is the eldest. Her favorite game is fetch and, honestly, she’d fetch all day long if she could. No quit in that girl! She’s so sweet and sensitive...one wrong look from us and her little heart breaks. Kai is one year younger than Kona and hyper-playful. She’s also very athletic and her smile will melt any heart.





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