When you got engaged anxiety probably started kicking in at the thought of starting to plan. We found the perfect solution to overcome that anxiety and make things fun again! And that's taking your wedding outdoors and having a wedding day you'll remember for a lifetime!

We wanna work with people we wanna hang out with and so should you. If all this sounds good let’s meet and see if we vibe! If we do, then you can cross “Find Photographer and Videographer” off your to-do list!






Choose your date & location

You don't have to have it all figured out, that's why you hired us! We'll send you a lengthy questionnaire and make recommendations for the BEST locations and time of year for YOU!

Choose your transportation & activities


You can use your own vehicle or we can recommend rental companies! Trucks, Jeeps, side x sides, your dirt bike, or even your own two feet, if you wanna do a short hike. We'll also plan out activities that we know you'll enjoy doing!

We document your day with photo & video!


We'll chat about exactly what you're looking for and recommend the best package option for you to ensure we document your full adventure and nothing get's left out!




redwoods national park elopement wedding photographer

crater lake national park mountain top elopement

"Almost as if time is frozen in the picture."

- Christine + Josh

"I cried harder watching my video than I did on our actual wedding day."

- Mary & Jermaine


"She made planning a wedding much easier and I wish we could have another one just to work with her again!"



Elopements usually consist of about 2-5 people total. This would be you, your partner, your two witnesses, and your officiant. We, your videographer and photographer, can also act as your witnesses if you’d rather it be just the two of you. An elopement focuses on what you and your partner want and most importantly, the celebration of your marriage.

It's not to be distracted by stresses that go into planning centerpieces and wedding favors and who can't sit next to who and what's gonna make mom and dad happy. Stresses like this take away from your day and that's when it becomes miserable when it should be the best time of your life!

We do get couples who wanna include more friends and family, no more than about 25 people, which at that point becomes a Micro wedding or intimate wedding.

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"They focused on what we wanted and made our vision come to life.

Their talent is unreal!"

- Caitlyn & Mitch

Andrew & Sammi Jo, Flagstaff, Arizona Intimate Wedding


wedding day family photos in jeeps in sedona arizona offroad elopement

Wedding planning can be very stressful and overwhelming but don’t worry! We’re here to relieve you of that stress and anxiety and give you a day you will never forget! Feel confident that we know the area and we can do the research for you! We’re gonna help you plan out your day so that 10, 20, 30+ years from now you STILL feel so much joy and have zero regrets when looking back on your day!

We're a good fit if you believe the celebration of your marriage is the MOST important part of your wedding day. If you have a longing for adventure and can put everything aside so that the focus is 100% about the two of you, then I think we’re a perfect match!

We’re so good at what we do! But we're not here to convince you to have an elopement or a micro wedding. It has to be your DREAM. If you can see yourself in these pictures and videos and think, “That’s exactly what I want!”, then click that button below and let's start planning your day!

I want that!